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Make: Terra-Gator
Model: 2244
Details: The Potential value of your Slurry

Injection is a cost effective method of making maximum use of your slurry and it can save money by directly replacing an inorganic fertilizer application, turning a potential problem into an asset. Research shows that RB209 standard value cattle slurry from 200 cows over 25 weeks, produce nitrogen, phosphate and potash worth about £12,000 if injected.

Slurry Injection gives you Control

Our 2104 Terrogator has the very latest technology to apply your Dairy, Beef, or Pig slurry into a variety of crops in all but the wettest conditions and crops, this system is very flexible to allow you to place your slurry in the fields that need it, at the time of year you require. We are not restricted to the length of pipe so fields that have never had manure are now within reach.

Slurry Injection Compliance

Our Terrogator tanker fitted with NMS (Nutrient Management System) application controller uses a positive displacement pump to convey the slurry, applies a programmed application rate independent of forward speed, fully records volumes applied, and we can achieve an even application over the whole field including headlands, helping you to be fully cross compliant.

Field Mapping

Our Terragator is now fitted with a "BlackBox Cruizer" this enables us to produce detailed reports including:

* Field Mapping - Shows exactly the part/s of a field that have been injected. (Please See Picture #10)

* Fields Overview - Shows an overview of all the fields that have been injected. (Please See Pictures#11


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